What is the True Meaning of a Pinky Promise?

Pinky promise is something we must have made to each other as children. It was a lot of fun asking each other to make a promise that made the bond special among our friends. As children, it was the request for confirming something that we will do or would not do for/against each other.


However, nowadays, the trend of pinky promise has caught on to adults too. People of the same and opposite gender are using it as a matter of fun. Some are even using it in serious concerns as well. But how well do we know about this pinky promise? Where did it originate from? What happens when someone breaks a pinky promise? Do they get cursed as well?


Let's explore the answers to these questions in this blog. 


The origin of Pinky Promise


There have been several claims, but the most traditional form of pinky promise relates to Japan's island nation. Yes, you read that right. The technically advanced country is regarded as the birth place of the pinky swear. 


However, things were dark down there as the term for pinky promise stands as "Yubikiri" in Japan and stands for "finger cut-off." Claims go as" created by the Japanese mafia to ensure that anyone who breaks the promise is liable to lose the little finger as punishment.


What happens when you don’t keep a pinky promise?


Luckily for today, we won't have to sacrifice the finger for the sake of any promise, be it pinky or not. However, you are liable to find yourself in a rather dramatic situation when to fail to keep the promise. A pinky swear is simply the confirmation of the fact that we are to stand for the words.


If you have a habit of breaking them, chances are you may lose credit among friends and families. So, when you find it tough to keep one's secret! It's best not to make a pinky swear to them.


Do you get cursed on breaking a pinky swear?

Well, this is debatable. There's no magic potion that can get you cursed. But earning a bad name can make you feel guilty and gloomy for some time.

A pinky promise can be made between friends and family members for small and big things. You can enjoy this habit at any age. After all, it's always good to have a little child intact in the heart. So, keep enjoying your pinky swears to the fullest.



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