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The Secret of Strong Bones in the Human Body

Milk is a staple for babies, from breakfast to bedtime. To improve sleep, we give milk with cereals and milk in the morning. In the evening, warm milk is served. Children in development can still eat milk, which is a portion of healthy food. There are many milk options, including formula and cow's milk. Mother's milk is best. It contains vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, essential for building and strengthening your baby's bones. A Singapore orthopaedic surgeon may also encourage parents to drink milk-making pinky promise for their best bone development, knowing the  pinky promise means , i.e. giving practical and working tips for bone development. Calcium is found in milk. Calcium is good for bone health. Calcium also helps prevent bone loss. The enamel that milk creates can also be used to improve the appearance of your teeth. It can delay osteoporosis by forming enamel and reduce the risk of bone fractures. This means there is less chance of orthopaedic surgery in