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What is the True Meaning of a Pinky Promise?

Pinky promise  is something we must have made to each other as children. It was a lot of fun asking each other to make a promise that made the bond special among our friends. As children, it was the request for confirming something that we will do or would not do for/against each other.   However, nowadays, the trend of  pinky promise  has caught on to adults too. People of the same and opposite gender are using it as a matter of fun. Some are even using it in serious concerns as well. But how well do we know about this pinky promise? Where did it originate from? What happens when someone breaks a pinky promise? Do they get cursed as well?   Let's explore the answers to these questions in this blog.    The origin of Pinky Promise   There have been several claims, but the most traditional form of pinky promise relates to Japan's island nation. Yes, you read that right. The technically advanced country is regarded as the birth place of the  pinky swear.    How